No worries we can take care of that.
• Your policy can be cancelled and premium will be refunded if difference Between the date of arrival of insured and end date of policy is 15 days or more. (Cancellation charges Rs.300 would be deducted)
• No cancellation will be allowed if a Claim is filed on the policy. Review your decision (only if policy is for 1 year) We have your best interests at heart and at the same time recognize that you know your needs best. Hence, after purchasing the policy, if you find it unsuitable, you can cancel and return the policy to us. Our policies come with a free-look period of 15 days from the date of receipt of policy.

You can opt for multi trip policy if you are a frequent flyer. There are two options to choose from –
• Multi Trip with maximum 45 days per trip
• Multi Trip with maximum 60 days per trip
Choose your policy duration as per your needs In case of single trip, you can opt for a policy period up to a max. of 365 days or max. trip duration as specified under each plan. Also, if you wish to extend your policy, you can do it for a max. duration of 365 days by logging on to www.religarehealthinsurance.com (extension only available if policy period is less than 365 days)

Return of Minor Child: Covers the return cost of your minor child to your home location, in case you’re hospitalized and travelling alone with your child/children.

Up-gradation To Business Class: Compensates for up-gradation to business class for return air travel, in case of hospitalization for over five consecutive days, due to injury sustained whilst on a trip.

2-way Compassionate Visit: Covers transportation expenses for one immediate family member to travel to the insured’s current location.

Daily Allowance in case of Hospitalization: Pays for (a specified amount per day of stay at the hospital) numerous allied expenses such as attendant’s meals, transportation and communication incurred but not covered under your Policy.

Personal Liability: Covers expenses against legal liability for bodily injury or property damage that occurred accidentally to third parties during your trip.

Loss of Passport: Covers expenses for the issue of a new or duplicate passport.

Loss of Checked-In Baggage: Covers expenses for your checked-in baggage that you lost while in custody of the Common Carrier. Delay of Checked-In Baggage: Covers expenses in case of a delay in receipt of the checked-in baggage beyond 12 consecutive hours.

Trip Delay: Covers expenses incurred if your departure is delayed beyond 12 consecutive hours due to specified reasons/issues.

Trip Cancellation & Interruption: We cover financial loss incurred out of cancellation of your trip due to an unforeseen event arising due to specified manmade or natural situations.

Dental Expenses: Covers dental expenses incurred in connection with any injury while on your trip.

Personal Accident: Covers any unfortunate situation arising out of an accident, death or permanent total disability, while you’re traveling abroad. What if the aircraft you’re traveling in is involved in a mid-air mishap? Common Carrier Accidental Death: Lump sum payment of Sum Insured in case of accidental death as a passenger on a common carrier/transport.

Medical Evacuation: Covers all costs incurred for any emergency transportation and evacuation services, to transfer you to an appropriate medical facility within our network.

Medical Cover: Covers your hospitalization or treatment if during your travel you are diagnosed with an illness, or any previous illness reoccurs. In case you require further treatment even after your return, expenses for the same will be covered up to a period of 30 days or up to policy end date, whichever is earlier. What’s more! In case of accidental hospitalization, your policy Sum Insured is doubled.