DubaieVISA Assurance Plan

DubaieVISA assurance GET VISA or Money Back

We know that applying VISA has never been risk free, which is why we’ve gone above and beyond to ensure and secure your money.

Now with VISA Assurance Plan we give you guarantee of your VISA or else you get your Money Back.

So no need to think twice to apply your VISA.This benefit is only and only available if you apply VISA with

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VISA Assurance Plan is powered by DubaieVISA which ensure that the money would be refunded incase of VISA rejection.So applicant doesn't have to think twice to apply his VISA.

Yes! You can add VISA Assurance Plan within 8 hours of your VISA application by calling our Customer Service Team at 91 782 783 3000. 

Unfortunately not, each and every application is accepted and processed by the Immigration as individual application.So the refund will be processed only for the applicant for whom the VISA has not been granted.

Our objective is to get the VISA granted. Even when the Immigration refuses the VISA we try to get the reason and start working on that to ensure to get the same VISA application reconsidered and Approved.

So it may take 10 working days to get refund after the notification of denial of VISA.

  • Amount paid for availing VISA Assurance Plan will be non-refundable.
  • Convenience fee charged at the time of booking is Non- Refundable.
  • VISA Assurance Plan is valid only in case of VISA rejection not for the delay in VISA approval process.
  • Applicant is not eligible for refund in case he is applying for VISA when he has not exited UAE or still in UAE.
  • Applicant is not eligible for refund in case he has applied for the VISA through any agent or when his one application is already in process.
  • Refund will be processed only for the individual whose VISA has been refused not for the other applicants.
  • Customers, who are travel agents by occupation, are barred from applying VISA for their customers with this Plan and reserve the rights to deny the benefits. We shall not refund the booking amount in such cases.
  • We are the sole authority for interpretation of these terms
  • Customer will have to provide all necessary documents to get the application cleared with the Immigration in case customer fails to provide the documents, will not be entitled for the benefit of VISA Assurance Plan
  • Applicants who have visited Dubai previously on Residence / Work Permits will not be covered under this plan.
  • Applicant already holding valid VISA and apply another VISA will not be covered.
  • Disputes, if any, arising out of or in connection with this offer shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts in Delhi